Introduction: Waking up
Where we come face to face with the devil, discover the pressing need for Night School, and set off into the darkness.

1: Into the night
Where we find out what happens to your brain and body every night of your life, discover how to overcome jet lag, and learn the ’90-minute rule’.

2: How to be happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise
Where we discover the remarkable power of sleep, uncover an international zombie epidemic, and find out why you need to head to your bed right now.  

3: The secret of super-sleep
Where we find out the truth about ‘short-sleep’, discover how to get the best night’s sleep of your life, and learn how to sleep like a baby.

4: On sleepwalking and night terrors
Where we go for a stroll with some sleepwalkers, find out if you can commit a murder in your sleep, and discover the deadly downside of snoring.  

5: Sleep-learning and power naps
Where we bombard a town with secret messages, uncover the surprising truth about sleep-learning, and discover the power of the six-minute nap.

 6: Welcome to dreamland
Where we spend time at an Ancient Greek sleep sanctuary, discover if you have the gift of prophesy, and uncover the secret symbolism in your dreams.

7: Dream therapy
Where we uncover the secret life of dreams, meet the world’s greatest therapist, and discover how you can find the solution to any problem in your sleep.

8: Sweet dreams
Where we find out how to control your dreams, banish nightmares, and have a lucid dream. 

 Conclusion: Time for bed
Where we engage in some myth-busting, reveal ten things that every adult and child in the country should know about sleep and dreaming, and set out to change the world.